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Amanda Wirig

Photo by Daniel Dinsmore Photography.

Amanda Wirig is a visual artist and musician, as well as an educator and nonprofit administrator. Her paintings and mixed media work utilize pop culture and humor to address social and political issues in a meaningful and forthright manner. Born in Mankato, MN, Wirig received a BFA in Art and a BA in Music from Minnesota State University, Mankato, and later received a Graduate Certificate in Nonprofit Leadership from the same university. She has exhibited in numerous solo and group exhibitions throughout the Midwest, including the Emy Frentz Gallery in Mankato, the Evelyn Matthies Gallery in Brainerd, MN and the David Leonardis Gallery and 33 Contemporary Gallery in Chicago, IL. She is also the recipient of grants and fellowships from the Jerome Foundation, Prairie Lakes Regional Arts Council, the McKnight Foundation, and the Split Rock Arts Program.

The inspiration for her work comes from a variety of sources, art-based and otherwise. In terms of visual art, her work is most influenced by the Pop Art of Warhol and Lichtenstein, the hard edge painting style of Frank Stella, and the text-based collage work of Barbara Kruger. Her canvases meld acrylic paint, rub-on lettering, and collage elements with retro imagery and a slightly snarky sense of humor. Because vintage advertising, pop culture, and humor also play a large part in the art she creates, it is just as accurate to say that her work is influenced by the writings of Nick Hornby, The Kids in the Hall, rock 'n' roll, mid-century modern design, and MAD Magazine as it is by the aforementioned artists.